Do I Know How to Bet On Soccer? A Comprehensive Guide

The most popular sports currently can be found in gambling on sporting events. Sports betting websites on the internet are growing every day. A very well-known kinds of sports betting involves soccer betting. Many players prefer betting on soccer online because they can bet on soccer games from their own homes.

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Soccer Moneyline bet

If you are betting in soccer moneyline there are three choices are available to choose from:

  • Team 1 will take home the win
  • The match will end in a draw.
  • Team 2 will prevail

The players have to predict the outcomes of these three scenarios in an hour-long live soccer game. In soccer games penalties and fixtures are very common. However, they are not exempt by Moneyline betting.

Gamblers are offered the option of choosing the team that will win. But, if they select a particular team, and the match draws out. The gambler loses their bet.

Double Chance

Double chance betting is another type that is popular of soccer betting that is popular among soccer enthusiasts. This type of betting provides gamblers the option of choosing between two betting options for example:

  • Team 1 will prevail either way, or the game is drawn.
  • The team 2 will win either way, or the game is drawn.
  • Teams 1 and 2 will prevail.

Double Chance betting lowers the possibility of losing the game. Another option in this category is called ‘No Draw’ betting. If a person bets in the category of ‘No Draw Betting’ on his team, and should there be an outcome that is not favourable, the player’s funds are automatically credited to their account.

Goal Line Betting

The betting on soccer also offers opportunities for players to place bets on goal lines. In certain areas, goal lines are also known as handicaps. For instance, players can place bets on an initial -0.5 goal line, or raise it up to -1.5 and -2.5.

If a bet is placed on team 1 and has the goal line set at -1.5. The team of that player must be successful by two goals to allow that player to get the bet.

For the Asian handicap the points are divided across two bets by the players. For example, -1.5 and -2 are two bets by two players however, if the winning team is by 3points, both players take home the bet.

Soccer Total Betting

This kind of betting is the most popular in American Soccer enthusiasts. As with goal line betting the total betting can be adjustable in increments of goal and includes the half-goal bet in order to promote betting for both teams.

In the case of total betting, the amount of bets offered will be between 2.5 as well as 3.5. It is possible to set these numbers on three goals or put the total with two goals. For beginners in soccer, it is not advised to set three goals. These three goals are usually called dead goals.

If the player is following a pattern of the game betting on the totals is a tried and true method to win.

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